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<knightly salute> "Master Thief Phantom, I have come to regretfully inform you that the Hero Luminous-- is dead."


"Well then, sir knight, if you’re done with your jokes, I must warn you to efficiently escort yourself from my sight in a total of five seconds. All the way out of my sight. Or I can’t promise that anything will happen to you.

Actually, on that note I do hope you’re fairly good at avoiding ‘Eight Legs Easton.’”

"But…I’m not joking. I was sent to inform you of this. Even worse, the Black Mage has grown stronger in the time frame since. I know this must come as a shock, but now is not the time to grieve…" The knight trembled some at he icy anger from the thief, but this was his mission from the camp; others trying to regather the other scattered forced. "Threats won’t change that I am telling the truth and you are needed back on the front lines, Master Thief."


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» I can’t take my Gaia Online e-mails seriously





because like



"And you guys think I’m the prostitute?”


"But I’d feel bad teasing Flynn about being a prostitute, nanojya…"

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» The Alliance (@Overdriveknight)


Rem found herself shocked to see the knight — Or, the bit of him she could see in the garden illuminated by the moon. It was a relief to see she wasn’t the only one who was late… Or, perhaps they were early? It was too hard to tell.

Onlooking the other, silently, she examined what she could of his features. Blond hair, blue eyes, gleaming white armor, a sword and shield at his side. Was he a distant relative to the Chief of Light, Empress’s Cygnus own knight Mihile? From what she had seen of the man, this one looked quite similar. It was puzzling… But, he had said he was from a place she had never once heard of. Zaphias? Was that uncharted land? Did that lay past the continent of Ossyria? So many questions floated around in her head, many of which she found herself wanting to give voice to. However, now wasn’t the time for that.

Pushing forth her hand to the young man, she replied. “Rem Isvael from the church of Sanctus.”

Her mind began to stray as the two of them stood alone in the moonlight. Why were two people all that came on this list. Where was everyone else? And most of all, what was so important that the Chief Knights and everyone else had left. Especially Shinsoo. It was so different, seeing Ereve at night.

“So,” she started, “Do you think we’re so late that everyone else had fallen asleep waiting for us? Did you see anyone here? Perhaps we should check if there’s an Inn nearby… I wouldn’t want to get in trouble with someone like Neinhart. I hear he’s a bit scary. Shall we go back to town? It’ll give us a few moments to converse, discuss the contents of the letter. Not to mention, I had a few questions for you as well.”

Hopefully leaving and waiting for morning would be the correct response. It would be awkward to sit around and wait all night. Plus, despite the nap she had taken earlier, Rem found herself growing more and more tired with each passing moment. It would be unfortunate for everyone to wake up and find a bishop passed out on the floor.

Flynn took the young woman’s hand and shook it firmly, squinting slightly in the moonlight at what was visible of her. Rem appeared to be fair with red hair and light eyes that he assumed to be green, but couldn’t be 100% in this light. He had never heard of the church of Sanctus even in passing, so Flynn found himself wondering yet again just how far from home he actually was.

"I… Do not know. There was no one here when I arrived, so I hope we’re early," Flynn answered the priestess, meaning every word. It would not do for him to be late meeting foreign royalty. 

"The town is this way?" he asked reluctantly, motioning the way he had came. He hated to seem uneducated, but there was no helping it. Flynn could use a good rest and meal after the long trip in the boat.. He certainly hoped Rem knew her way around better than he, because if he had to lead the way, there was no telling where they might end up.

Flynn sincerely hoped that Rem would be able to answer his questions as well, once they were settled somewhere warm and comfortable. Flynn felt a little light-headed, but he would just need time to adapt to the thin atmosphere of Ereve. He was as ready as she to find a bed and walked alongside her through the darkened town, also excited for the morning to see this place in full light.

» The Alliance (@Overdriveknight)


It came in the form of a letter.

Upon rifling through the many things sent over to her, Rem was surprised to see a rather extravagant envelope addressed to her. Coming from none other than Ereve. Slipping her finger beneath the seal as others onlooked, wondering why she would get such a thing, she pulled out the contents and began reading.

Soon enough though, the others began whispering among themselves. The need for gossip in Sanctus seemed to equivalent to that of oxygen. It wasn’t uncommon for a barrel of rumors to quickly spill over and spread among the priestesses, causing for a handful of drama. Luckily, Rem had become rather adept to ignoring that quickly, simply due to the fact that she wasn’t one to particularly care at all. Even if they did spread word that she had been addressed by the Empress personally, what could people even say or do, other than spew out the same vile garbage that there were better choices. She knew that wasn’t true. She was too proud to let that be true.

Ignoring the teasing and words directed to her, she sought to ignore the group, trying to pry for information. She simply slipped back into her room, grabbed her weapon and a few small belongings and locked the place up. The contents of the letter asked that she came posthaste, which meant that the time to leave was now. Especially while the others had no clue that she was directed to bring the best of their class with them.

At a quickening pace, she found herself making a beeline out of the town and to the center of the island, where the paths to the major cities conjoined. Going down brought one to the dungeon, and going up brought one to the port. Exactly where she needed to go. Approaching Kiriru, she gave a quick smile, before stepping onto the ship, waiting to set sail.

Soon enough, they were airborne. It seemed she would be flying alone. “Funny,” she thought, “Why was I the only summoned?” Surely this was a mistake right? If Cygnus was in need of magicians, shouldn’t Grendel have been the first to contact? Or was the situation more dire than she thought? Pulling out the letter, she skimmed yet again. All that was made note was that a few people were asked of. She, and a few others, most of which were labeled as knights from a land she had never heard of. A puzzled look spread across her face. Surely this wasn’t some ruse, right? Would she approach the Empress’s confidant, Neinhart only to be turned around? And these names. Captains of knights that she had never once heard anything about?

This was getting stranger and stranger by the second. Perhaps she would find more answers upon arriving. For now though, she tucked the letter away, and began to fade to sleep as she waited to reach the destination.


Surely someone woke her up, right? Or did she sleep through it? When she finally had stirred, her watch showed she was two hours ahead than when she was supposed to arrive. And looking like a mess as well. Wiping a bit of drool from her mouth and straightening her hair, she stepped off the ship, looking at the creatures that were in charge of the port. Different species or not, a discerning look was still a discerning look.

Straightening her veil and clutching her things, she ran in the direction of where she was supposed to be quite some time ago. Soon enough, Rem found herself in the right place. Except there was a problem. Aside from one other, a blond male with his back to her, she was alone. The Chief Knights, Neinhart, even the Empress herself and Shinsoo were gone. Approaching the male, she tapped him lightly on the shoulder. “Excuse me, you wouldn’t happen to know where Neinhart is, would you?”

The letter. Flynn didn’t recognize it when it had been brought to him (by a most unusual character, but the young captain wasn’t going to question it) and the text on the envelope was difficult to read. Perhaps it was just the script it was written in, as if it the writer was accustomed to writing in a foreign language. 

He used his letter opener (silver, shaped like the Sword Stair, a common desk adornment in the castle) on the thick parchment, slicing through it to remove the heavy letter.

It was a request for help, quite a formal one at that, from an Empress of a land Flynn had never heard of and was sure very few (if any) others in Zaphias had heard of it either. He glanced over the other names listed, just to see if anyone he may know of had gotten a summons as well. To his dismay, it was full of knights and other soldiers from more lands he’d never even heard mentioned in the most obscure fairytale…

Flynn pondered on the letter. It was an urgent summons, but Flynn wasn’t sure how to even travel to this “Ereve…” It wasn’t until he left his office that he discovered the bearer of the letter, a feathered man, was still there, waiting outside his door.

"Pack what you need if your answer is yes. The boat that will take us to the Empress’s road is waiting," he said, without even an introduction. Flynn stared at him for a moment, flabbergasted, but at the same time, he made up his mind. He assured the man he would take but a moment, going to his room to pack a bag of gels, bottles, simple stationery, tools, and some clean underwear. It was a small bag, but it was light and had the essentials and room for food.

Pulling it up over his shoulder, he met the feathered man again and they left the castle at Zaphias as soon as he’d written a letter explaining his absence and giving Sodia authority over his brigade in his stead. They both left out of the castle and Zaphias itself, coming to a small boat that didn’t look like the most sturdy of crafts…but Flynn had trusted this thus far, and followed the man in. Once they were aloft (which Flynn assumed was through aer and blastia, as the oars rowed themselves through the air.

Flynn chattered with the man, learning more about the place he was approaching (and also that he was a Piyo, named Ki…something.) Some of it didn’t stick too well, as Flynn found himself quite drowsy and drifted into a sleep with the gentle rocking of the ship…

…And then it was night when Flynn stirred again, his guide long gone. He followed the natural path of the place, strange and beautiful as it was, though the atmosphere felt thin, as if on top of a very tall mountain.

Where was this? The place seemed abandoned… He walked through tall structures, white stone gleaming in the moonlight, ethereal in effect and giving him more of the feeling that he’d fallen into a fantasy. He wandered from there into a clearing that just FELT important (it had a sign too, in the same nearly-illegible script: “Spot Where Shinsoo Fell Asleep”). He waited near a cage-like structure, looking up into the moonlight when a hand touched his shoulder, followed by a female voice, making him jump.

"Neinheart…? Was he behind the letter?" That wasn’t what she asked. 

"Ah, no… This place was empty when I arrived here. I’m Flynn Scifo of…Zaphias," he finished awkwardly, before composing himself again.

"And you are?"

» The Source Of That Foul Odor…


imageoverdriveknight replied to your post: “You smell…odd.”

Flynn stared at the man with the purple hair and eccentric fashion sense, trying to process what he was saying. “Um…n-no! It’s not that! I was just ah…trying to find the source of that sten—odd scent and it led me here!”

Clearly the man was in denial, and didn’t want to admit it. Nothing to be ashamed of, it happened to everybody when they were confronted with their truest of feelings. After all who wouldn’t be awe-struck by Decus’ own glamorous appearance. 

Offering the knight a dashingly sharp grin, “There is no reason to be ashamed.” 


Flynn wasn’t entirely sure what delusions this man was operating under, not even if they would prove dangerous, but he didn’t want to offend him immediately, regardless.

The smile took him by surprise, only making the knight’s face contort with confusion.

"Ashamed of what? I have nothing to be ashamed of!" Flynn sputtered out, wondering if he meant that Flynn shouldn’t be ashamed of having a crush on him when he obviously didn’t— he didn’t even know this man! He was simply following an odor after several complaints about it!

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The young girl looks up at the blonde male, her pale cheery eyes focusing on his rather unique uniform. He must have been a pretty important person!

Not wanting to come off as a rude individual, Yonah smiled softly at him before parting her lips, speaking almost as delicately as her smile.

image“Hello… It’s nice to meet you.”

"The pleasure is mine." 

A flicker of worry passed behind the man’s bright blue eyes, easy sensing for fragile the young girl is. But she was very friendly, and full of almost-infectious cheer.

"I’m Flynn Scifo, and who might you be?"

He saw her eyeing his uniform, and thought he’d wait to introduce her to his position, as she hadn’t asked and he didn’t want to intimidate the youth.


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